Hello, I’m Ryan Kozak and I’m a full stack developer living in Sacramento. I moved to Northern California in December of 2013. With the exception of a brief few years in Memphis, I spent most of my childhood on the Central Coast in a little town called Santa Maria California.

This is my blog, and sometimes I’ll post things related to web development, computer security, maybe some rants here and there. This is my home page, so it’s kind of whatever I want, and I don’t want it to be too formal. If you’d like to talk please check out my contact page, I’ve got a few email addresses on there.


I’m an avid Linux user and I primarily try and stick to using open source tools whenever I can. As of right now I work a lot with Python, PHP, JavaScript the Laravel framework, and Wordpress.

Over the years I’ve also worked with Java, C#, Visual Basic, and Perl, but I don’t touch those much anymore. I’m an enthusiast for the security aspects of web development in particular, and member of OWASP. Because OWASP’s Sacramento chapter is inactive, I try and make it to OWASP Bay Area Events events when I’m able, which sadly isn’t often.

When I’m not on a screen I love riding my motorcycles (Motocross and ADV), cooking, traveling, or getting out into the mountains locally. I’m always trying to remind myself that computers aren’t actually real. That is why you won’t find me blogging about things that aren’t too computer related, it ties everything together too much. I don’t like social media at all, but you can find my GitHub and StackOverflow profiles on the sidebar.

Ryan Kozak