Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

General Thoughts

I enjoy certain paranormal things for mindless entertainment, see Ghost Adventures. Seriously if you’ve never watched that show you should because that guy is hilarious. This book, however, is something I legitimately read with an open mind. It was particularly interesting in light of the UFO video that the U.S. Navy declassified.

Many of the events in this book are things that Dr. Kelleher observed himself, and is only able to retell, as they weren’t possible to capture with scientific instrumentation. A lot of the events described are also stories told to the N.I.D.S team by the previous owner of the ranch. Over all it’s a really interesting account of legitimate scientists, with significant financial resources, trying to conduct an investigation into regions that have had a lot of paranormal activity. The fact that so much money was invested in the investigation, and many credible people are convinced that something weird is happening, with no recorded evidence to support it, means things are still shrouded in mystery.

Dr. Kelleher has some interesting points at the end about how the scientific method isn’t really applicable when trying to study an entity that may be intelligently preventing such methods (is using counterintelligence). All in all the accounts are all very interesting to ponder.