Touching The Void

General Thoughts

I love books on mountaineering, they always involve struggle, introspection, and beauty. All of these are natural elements of climbing. The grittiness that’s required to be an elite climber is something I respect a lot, but this book is probably the most insane example of this I’ve ever heard of (except for maybe Miracle In the Andes). Even though I knew what was going to happen to Joe before I opened the book, I still found myself secretly hoping Simon would get him down safely. Knowing the outcome didn’t kill the excitement or the emotion of the story one bit.

This is probably one of the most motivational stories I’ve ever heard of. Joe’s journey, with Simon and after being separated from him, shows an incredible ability to break down a massive problem into tiny pieces in order to accomplish the goal. His tolerance for pain and ability to stick to “the patterns”, really highlighted for me how the human mind can overcome things you’d never imagine.